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coconut shell activated carbon Using coconut shell as raw materials refined but become, shape of amorphous particles, has high mechanical strength, pore structure developed, specific surface area, adsorption speed, adsorption capacity is high, easy to regenerate, durable, etc. Mainly used in food, beverage, wine, air purification, activated carbon and high purity of drinking water deodorization, removal of heavy metals in water, in addition to chlorine and liquid decolorization. And can be widely used in chemical industry of the solvent recovery and gas separation, etc. Purify air with activated carbon pore diameter, must be slightly bigger than the poisonous and harmful gas molecule diameter, only has the capability of adsorption of poisonous and harmful gases. The key factors affecting the service life of air purification activated carbon use: use the total size of harmful substances in the environment and the frequency of the stripping. Due to the quality of the activated carbon adsorption harmful gas can be close to even reach its own quality, and in the ordinary household space in the air, the mass of the harmful gas is far less than the use of activated carbon. Therefore, as long as often place activated carbon blasting bask in the sun, activated carbon can be use for a long time

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