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Product name : Granular activated carbon
Item : 2015729162054
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Coal particle activated carbon intensity is high, the pore developed, large specific surface area, especially large micropore volume and the unique advantages. Coal activated carbon for all kinds of the organic matter in the water, free chlorine and harmful gas in the air has strong adsorption ability, is a good adsorbent, urban drinking water deep purification and applied to the removal bacteria and poison gas in the air. Coal activated carbon has developed pore structure, good chemical stability and mechanical strength, it is a good broad spectrum carbon adsorption material。 According to different outward appearance, the coal activated carbon can be mainly divided into coal granular activated carbon and coal powder activated carbon, granular activated carbon and divided into coal forming charcoal [including columnar, briquetting carbon (or carbon) compressor and spherical carbon and crushing the raw coal activated carbon two kinds big. According to different purposes, can be divided into clean water, clean air, decoloring, recovered solvents, activated carbon injection use, protective use and so on a variety of purposes. Due to its acid-proof, alkali resistance, heat resistance, and granular activated carbon on adsorption saturation, easily recycled, therefore, activated carbon is essential to modern industrial production and environment protection and carbon adsorption material. Coal granular activated carbon adsorption is the main performance, it is associated with the pore structure of activated carbon. The pore specific surface area and specific volume is very large. Therefore, microporous largely determine the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. On the surface of solid activated carbon, adsorption occurs mainly in two ways, namely, physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. Is chemical adsorption monolayer adsorption, can remove the polarity of pollutants in wastewater and waste gas as well as some metal ions. Physical adsorption to form the multilayer adsorption, can effectively adsorb organic pollutants in wastewater and waste gas. When an adsorbate, when in contact with the surface of the adsorbent is physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, depending on the nature of the surface activity and adsorption properties of adsorbent, temperature and other factors. Activated carbon used in industry, in addition to adsorption capacity also requires: (1) mechanical strength and wear-resisting performance is good; (2) the stripping takes little energy and regeneration; (3) with stable structure, renewable carbon losses small, etc

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