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   Carbon Additive is chiefly made of coal carburant using quality Ningxia Taixi anthracite as the raw material it has the following features such as high fixed carbon content high oxidation resistance low ash content  low phosphorus content good mechanical strength high chemical activity high clean coal recovery.

    It mainly be used in casting to incease the recarburization and steel making it heats quickly with good effect and steady carbon yield. Carbon Additive could be used to adjust the carbon content and oxygen content of the molten steel change it's steel and strength thus to enhance the nucleating ability of the molten steel and the inherent quality of the billet.

1. .the nature of use:High quality carbon - adding agent is an indispensable auxiliary additive for the production of quality steel.

2.specification indexes:

Carbon Ash  Volatile Sulfur Moisture

F.C-85 14   1.5   0.5    1.0

F.C-88 12   1.5       0.5    1.0

F.C-90 9   1.5   0.35    0.5

F.C-91 8   1.5   0.3    0.5

F.C-92 7   1.2   0.3    0.5

F.C-93 6   1.2   0.3    0.5

F.C-94 5   1.2   0.25    0.5

F.C-95 4   1.2   0.2    0.5

3.size:0-1mm 3-5mm1-3mm1-4mm1-5mm or according to customer's requirements.

4.packaging: 20/25ton bag packing or small bag set of ton bag/50 kg. or according to customer's requirements.

5.Payment:  cash, letter of credit.

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