spherical activated carbon Activated carbon to extractable organic matter under molecular weight is less than 480 had a very good removal efficiency, and on the macromolecular organic matter removal efficiency is very low.This is mainly due to the microporous structure of the activated carbon empty asked steric effect, too large organic molecules to the interior of activated carbon pore, only on the surface of activated carbon adsorption By activated carbon adsorption effect of volatile and organic matter compared to the following conclusion: Activated carbon can be extracted volatile organic compounds and organic adsorption has a larger difference.Volatile organic compounds with the molecular weight increased, and its adsorption effect, the better, and the decrease of the extractable organic compounds with molecular weight, the better its adsorption effect.This is mainly due to the volatile organic matter is mainly some smaller polarity organic matter, and the extractable organic matter is the polarity of organic material, activated carbon itself can be thought of as a non-polar adsorbent, the adsorption capacity of nonpolar substances in water is greater than the polar material adsorption ability.And the size of the adsorbate molecule and activated carbon show a certain proportion, the most conducive to the adsorption.For small polar molecules, molecular weight, the greater the more conducive to the adsorption.
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