Active coke is a kind of coal product with intermediate adsorbability between activated carbon and coke. Active coke is a kind of adsorbent produced from coal, which is produced by various processes such as pulverization, proportioning, molding, carbonization and activation. For different adsorption objects, their raw material types, raw material ratio and process parameters are different. Active coke generally used in flue gas desulfurization and denitration process.

Activated coke surface area between coke and activated carbon, activated coke developed because of its high hole structure, performance on the performance indexes of iodine value decreases, but the value of methylene blue, molasses value increased greatly, which can have adsorption of macromolecules in application, the characteristics of long chain organic matter, both the characteristics of activated carbon, and high mechanical strength, high desulfurization performance, and as the desulfurizer, and can be used repeatedly., scale of activated coke can be used in the industrial flue gas desulfurization denitration.


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active coke
active coke
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